Acoustic Damping Sealing Glue

The formula characteristics are effectively used for sealing the joints of the inorganic material boards and fixing the metal, rubber and other materials with the vibration damping adhesive. There is no corrosion to the organic and inorganic materials, metal and rubber. The aging resistance is excellent, the adhesive property is good for multiple base materials, the moisture resistance and the high-low temperature adaptability are strong (use in the temperature range of -40°C to 100°C ), and the performance is steady and reliable.






The installation joints of the sound insulation board are filled hermetically, and the wire conduit hole of the sound insulation structure layer and the ventilation pipe outlet of the air conditioner are sealed to prevent airborne sound leakage; the damping effect of the contact surface is increased to effectively eliminate the structure resonance when the metal keel and the sound insulation board are installed; the position is fixed when the ground vibration-absorbing adhesive and the sound insulation board are installed.

Way of use:

The surface of the base material to be bonded and sealed must keep clean, dry, dust-free, oil stain-free and water-free. The stains on the surface of the base material can be removed with the clean white cotton cloth on which the naps do not drop, then the surface is cleaned and dried with methylbenzene or acetone solvent and the adhesive is applied within one hour. Ensure that the filled adhesive is filled up the joints without gaps and decorate the joints before the adhesive cement is solidified. The undried adhesive cement should not be fully isolated from air. The surface of the base material should not be constructed below 4°C or over 40°C.


If the skin or eyes directly contacts the uncured adhesive cement, it may cause the anaphylactic reaction. Excessive exposure to the volatile steam may cause irritability of eyes, nose and throat. In the construction, avoid making the skin contact the adhesive cement, wear the protective gloves and use the adhesive cement in the ventilated operating environment.

Transport and storage:

This product is nonflammable and non-explosive material and can be transported as the general non-dangerous article. The product should be stored in the dry, ventilated, shady and cool place for 8 months at 26°C.