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Hi, we are Soundbox, an Acoustic Specialist. We are known for developing and manufacturing acoustic products. Always delivering quality product.

Our Philosophy

We believe in partnering with professionals from different industry sectors to deliver consistent, reliable and competitive acoustic control, insulation and damping solutions. We are in the business to inspire and open up a new era of infinite possibilities.

Our Mission

As one of the largest acoustic solution companies in Asia, our mission is to fulfill the needs of a comfortable, sustainable and safe acoustic environment.

A Sound Pioneer from the Far East

Soundbox Acoustic Technology Co Ltd is a leading pioneer in the research, development and manufacture of acoustic, sound control, insulation and damping systems.

In association with leading acousticians, architects and interior designers throughout the world, our products epitomizes the most aesthetically creative and contemporary interpretations by design. Carved in compliance to strict international quality standards, our products and systems can be found in many domestic and internationally renowned landmarks from the Far East to Europe and United States of America.

State of the Art Inspiration

From our prime manufacturing facility located in Panyu District, Guangzhou, China, to mature and developing markets around the world, our quality products and innovative systems strive to motivate whilst offering best in category solutions that is fundamentally relevant in the field of acoustic and sound control.

This is made possible with state-of-the-art research facilities comprising sound laboratories, acoustic reverberation and soundproof rooms to enable our engineers and experienced designers to conduct continuous testing and analysis to make our products exceptional.

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