Residential Sound Insulation Door

Soundproof door is designed to reduce the noise and protect our privacy.

Product Information

Application space:
Bedroom, study room, kitchen, toilet

Product features:
Reinforced 45mm thick soundproof door page/Patented elastic door frame/Germany imported 30 mins fire resistant sound insulation core board/Germany thermal expansion smokeproof airtight strip/Germany original automatic soundproof latch/Automatic open-close damping hinge/Airtight silence door lock.

Environmental protection:
International EO standard(zero-emission)

PU Eco-friendly paint

Standard size:
H2200 x W900 x D120-240mm (Suitable for wall thickness of 120-240mm)

Door page 47kg, door frame 27kg

Sound insulation coefficient:

Available for specification, finishing, appearance, hardware customization, double door as well. The sound insulation performance of a non-standard door will be affected. The lead time of customized door is about 45 working days.


product g45m acoustic door1

Silent door lock

product g45m acoustic door2

Automatic soundproof latch

product g45m acoustic door3

Thermal expansion smokeproof airtight strip

Smoke prevention and suppression technology

The first 30 minutes in fire disaster is the golden time for evacuation, Soundbox 30 mins fire resistant sound insulation core board and thermal expansion smokeproof airtight strip secures safe space and allow time for escape.

Silent sound insulation technology

The new technology and new material obtained excellent STC data on computer calculation, and the lab testing results highly consist on such sound insulation performance. The thermal-magnetic damping sealing tape and silent door lock increases sound insulation coefficient while effectively reduces the noise from door page collision and lock mechanism when switching.