Hotel Sound Insulation Door

Sound Insulation Door should be good at both insulation performance and damping performance. The design and application of accessories should consider damping effect, ensuring the door itself doesn’t make noise.

Product Information

Model No.:
G45J / G50J

Star hotels, high-end apartments

German standard; 30 mins fireproof; smoke-proof; drop seal


Eco PU paint / Korean PP / Wood veneer

Customized, ≤ H2400*W950*D240mm

G45J-36dB / G50J-38dB

Customized for size, finishing, and design. Double door could be less STC

Door closer and lock not included.
Production time to be decided.


Thermal expansion smokeproof airtight strip

Thermal expansion smokeproof airtight strip

Automatic soundproof latch

Automatic soundproof latch

Professional thickened door page

Professional thickened door page

Germany-class quality assurance

Germany imported fire resistant and sound insulation core board, Germany thermal expansion smokeproof airtight strip, and Germany original automatic soundproof latch, all these components ensure excellent performance on smoke/flame retardant, as well sound insulation performance, so your star hotels can use it confidently.

Silent sound insulation system solution

The new technology and new material obtained excellent STC data on computer calculation, and the lab testing results highly consist on such Sound transmission coefficient. The thermal-magnetic damping sealing tape increases Sound transmission coefficient while effectively reduces the noise from door page collision.