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Modular Acoustic Treatment

Easy Solutions for Every Need

Solutions To Reduce Noise, Build Your Comfortable Classroom, Or A Great Environment For Your Office & More

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2-Hours Quick & Easy Installation. No More Frustrated Slow Process.

The old way of installing acoustic panels required an engineer’s inspection and a tedious design process. That is where we bring our modular design concept into the process, allowing you to build a studio-like room in a matter of hours.

You get field-tested acoustic panels & solutions that fit into a specific room size. It works just like custom-designed acoustic treatments.

Why pay more and wait for weeks
when you can get the job done at a fraction of the cost?

Modular Aesthetically Pleasing Acoustic Panels With Less Expenses Compare To Traditional Acoustic Treatments

Our blend of acoustic research & aesthetic design will make your environment look amazing.


Featured Acoustic Solution Packages

Seller Recommendation for April 2017

Hi-fi DQ package is designed for music lovers that enjoy Hi-fi system at home. It enhances sound fullness like no other product.

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Other Best Selling Acoustic Panels

Most products can be installed quickly, and we ship worldwide.

AQ1000S Removable Acoustc Baffle

$ 701.00

Take the edge off the noise in your room with this dual purpose sound absorption and diffusion combo
The AQ1000S is a shoo-in for the best equipment when it comes to providing twofold sound solution—you’ll get not just a sound absorption feature but a diffusion capability as well. Its side A has three cavities that are especially designed to absorb a wide range of sound frequencies. Its side B, on the other hand, is made of a solid wood structure that diffuses sound impressively.

More than just these awesome features, its base is able to meet the anti-resonance standard for Hi-Fi rooms for better sound detail and clarity.

EQ50Q Absorption Panel (Versailles)

$ 106.00$ 239.00

Classic design combined with wide ranging sound absorption.

With a sound reflection resistant design, the EQ50Q Versailles is more than capable of absorbing a wide range of frequency. It’s a high-performance product that can no doubt meet your desired acoustic requirements for different purposes. The EQ50Q comes in a standard size for optimum reflection ideal for 1(Absorption):1(Diffusion).

Ideal for use in different settings.

The EQ50Q can expertly absorb a broad range of frequency and can also conveniently eliminate medium frequency echoes. Ideal for use on hallways, offices, entertaining rooms, and studios, this product is your best bet if you want a superb acoustic treatment that can effectively diffuses and absorbs sound for you.

Sound Insulation Felt (Self-adhesive) F100

$ 10.00

An excellent way to reduce vibrations that’s easy to work with.

The Vibration Damping and Sound Insulation Felt or F100 effectively lessens vibrations and contains sound for better listening quality. Its self-adhesive feature allows you to directly apply it on any surface quickly and efficiently without additional hassle.

Facilitates better sound reduction index on your walls.

This item expertly improves the sound reduction index of your wall. The damping felt can be applied to your ceiling to enhance its sound insulation effect in between floors. It can also be used on doors in order to change the vibration frequency of its hinge for sound reduction purposes.

WAVE 600 3D Diffusion & Absorption Panel

$ 284.00$ 890.00

Scatters reflected sounds for a well-balanced acoustic space
The Wave 600 Diffuser is an ideal solution for diffusing sound waves while absorbing low broadband frequencies. It balances the sound in your space in addition to controlling any excess sound energy and flutter echoes in a room. The result? A live, bright sound that’s appropriate for home theaters, listening rooms, recording studios, as well as performance spaces.