Residential Air-Con Sound Insulation

Noise from Air-Con

People are in pursuit of quiet living environment. But now the common use of central air-conditioning system causes the noise problem; all these noise comes into our ears when the air-con is functioning, e.g. motor noise, coil noise, and flow resistance noise in the duct.

Even the famous brands, advertising their product as “silence”, they still cannot really solve the problem.

Installation Method

residential-air-con sound installation1

Step 1

residential-air-con sound installation2

Step 2

residential-air-con sound installation3

Step 3

residential-air-con sound installation4

Step 4

Select the right model of silence box with reference to the specifications
The installation refers to packing instructions.

Product Information

Product name:
Silence box for central Air-con


D550 x W1000 x H2000mm

Sound attenuation:

Air volume (m³/min):



Soundbox Silence box for air conditioning system is based on fluidics and acoustic programming. With the labyrinth cavity isometric volume structure and built-in broadband response servo muffler, it’s sound absorption efficiency reaches 0.94.