Residential Floor Sound Insulation Solutions

Noise through Floor

In our daily life, we may have overlooked the noise coming from children playing balls and marbles, throwing things, and the inevitable table and chair moving noise and footsteps in our home life, but it actually brings disturbance and injury to our neighborhood life downstairs.

Installation Method

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Step 1

residential-floor installation2

Step 2

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Step 3

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Step 4

For the wooden floor, directly install Soundbox Vibration Damping and Sound Insulation Mat (G3P/G6P/G12P) below it
For floor tiles, Soundbox Vibration Damping and Sound Insulation Mat (G3P/G6PG12P) needs to be installed below the brick mortar. Cement sand thickness above 50 mm.

Product Information

Product name:
Vibration Damping and Sound Insulation Mat


G3P – W610 x L16000 x D3.0mm
G6P – W610 x L8000 x D6.0mm
G12P – W610 x L4000 x D12.0mm



OFF Vibration Damping and Sound Insulation Mat using Eco-friendly SBR/PU GLUE as the base material. The SBR foam molding microcavity flexible material has a superior physical advantage of the memorial resilience and strong adhesion, and it’s broadband damping capacity will help with transmission loss. When it fully covering the floor area, stress evenly applied thus ensured tremendous surface support, which can absorb ground impact noise and cut off the transmission bridge on wooden and tile flooring applications. Its water-resistant material will not affect the service life due to the degradation of the humid environment, or mildew, corrosion, and there is no harmful gas emissions, highly green environmental protection.