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Get the concept right

Sound Absorption Soundproof

A combination of 2 different concepts. Let’s suppose water represents the sound in a room. A sponge can only absorb a specific amount of the water; the water will still go through the sponge once it’s saturated i.e. once it has absorbed its maximum capacity. Soundproofing is more like a metal sheet, it basically stops ‘water’ from going through.

So, When Do You Need Sound Absorption Panels?

You can hear a significant echo in your room

Noise is driving you crazy, and you want to reduce it

You want to turn a communal spasoce into a multi-purpose space

Real-Life Applications

and Acoustic Solutions


A better environment for students to focus and learn


Reduce noise and enhance workers’ productivity


Create a calming environment & protect your guests’ privacy


Acoustic Treatment For Living Room

Seller Recommendation for April 2017

Living room IMG high resolution painting acoustic panels is the perfect way to control ambient noise while adding style to your living room.

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A selection of sound absorption panels that may interest you

AQ1000V Smart Booth Recording Room

Acoustic recording booth that sets up anywhere—within minutes!
The AQ1000V Smartbooth is the ideal solution for times when you need to record anywhere. With panels that can be easily mounted and dismantled, you can set up this smartbooth within minutes. Its advanced, semi-enclosed design mimics the audio collection and production quality of professional recording studios so you get almost identical results to the real thing.

Alternatively, the AQ1000V can also serve as an effective absorbing board for broadband frequencies and can be used as an additional equipment in studios and indoor rooms to manage reverberation time and other acoustic elements that affect sound quality. For an efficient way to record anywhere, grab the AQ1000V Smartbooth now!

EQ50B Absorption Panel (Baroque)

Wider panel that efficiently works in a number of ways.

The Walleasear EQ50B offers a much wider panel than the EQ30T. It’s perfect for absorbing sound in all frequencies and can function either as a low frequency trap or as a wall diffuser. Ideally, you can use it for broadband frequency acoustic treatment in different types of spaces.

Design Inspired by Renaissance thought.

The origin design idea is based on the idea of romanticism. It has the blend of religion & hedonism design style to show the open & passionate living environment.

Makes for a balanced absorbing surface like no other.

For a more balanced space, the Walleasear EQ50B can be easily customized according to your space requirements. It’s capable of handling broadband frequencies and can also control main reflections. You can use it in areas like churches, cinema rooms, studios, and halls, among others!

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