MLS Peak 5Q Diffuser

Powerful diffusion capabilities that lends unparalleled 3D surround sound

For a listening environment that retains a clear-sounding, live ambiance, the Peak 5Q is your best bet. It does the job of spreading the sound reflections in your room so the sounds in it come out with a more spacious feel.

The result? Less acoustical problems that completely removes flutter echoes as well as standing waves. For best results, combine it with our other sound products for the ultimate listening experience!


Peak 5Q

Selection of colors:

Base material:

Glass-reinforced plastic


PU paint / water-based paint / flocking


600mm (H) x 600mm (W) x 153mm (T)



Environmental performance:

100% recyclable

Acoustic feature:

PEAK5Q convex diffuser redistributes the reflected sound energy. Though the re-orientation is not totally taken as the theoretical value for diffusion, the convex shape provides its good acoustic control performance to distribute sound more evenly. The 180° high-efficiency radiation surfaces help to deal with the defect of acoustic shadow in the sound amplification system, which is difficult to be covered.

Various 5Q combinations are installed on the background walls of the sound amplification system to form horizontal diffusion surfaces to provide a gain of sound energy equivalent to 3dB. It can be used together with EQ tuning boards to create diffuse reflection surfaces.

As 5Q provides high-efficiency acoustic shaping performance and strong visual impact, it is ideal for the facade walls in the sound amplification system with accumulative direct sound energy, and suitable for music halls, pubs, night clubs, KTV rooms, instrument practicing rooms, etc.

Diffusion indicator:

0.57/m² [>100 Hz – <5 KHz]

Scope of use:

Music halls, pubs, night clubs, KTV rooms, instrument practicing rooms, etc.

Diffusion coefficient: