QRD Trifuser

Triple power for a spacious-sounding ambiance

The D60 Trifuser has triple the power when it comes to transforming your listening environment’s into one that’s spacious sounding. Made from solid wood, it has grooved widths and depths that uniformly diffuses sound reflections. The result makes any space sound more pleasant by improving high frequencies and making conversations sound more natural.

Use the D60 Trifuser on recording rooms, private entertainment rooms, music halls, recording studios, and listening rooms, to mention just a few!



Selection of colors:

Base material:

Rubber solid wood


Wood finish / fully enclosed plain green paint

Paint standard:

E0 environmentally friendly PU finish.


1800mm (H) x 600mm (W) x 100mm (T)



Acoustic feature:

D60 solid wood diffuser is a located sequence grating based on QRD theoretic formula calculations. Its groove depth and width enable it to have uniform diffuse reflections for the incident sound from different angles and all the directions to make human voices more agreeable and high frequencies more gorgeous like in a large hall.

Diffusion frequency:

491 Hz – 983 Hz (maximum 2324 Hz)

Scope of use:

Opera houses, music halls, private theaters, recording studios, HIFI listening rooms, etc. with high-end indoor sound quality requirements for building acoustic decoration.

Diffusion coefficient: