Sound Insulation Felt (Self-adhesive) F100

$ 10.00

An excellent way to reduce vibrations that’s easy to work with.

The Vibration Damping and Sound Insulation Felt or F100 effectively lessens vibrations and contains sound for better listening quality. Its self-adhesive feature allows you to directly apply it on any surface quickly and efficiently without additional hassle.

Facilitates better sound reduction index on your walls.

This item expertly improves the sound reduction index of your wall. The damping felt can be applied to your ceiling to enhance its sound insulation effect in between floors. It can also be used on doors in order to change the vibration frequency of its hinge for sound reduction purposes.

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Surface Density:

Weight of Single Piece:
1.50 kg

610mm * 610mm * 2.0mm

Area of Single Piece:

Number of Packaging:
7.442m2 /10 pcs



Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 650 × 650 × 2 mm