AQ1000H/HD Acoustic Baffle

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Portable acoustic solution for controlling outdoor sound issues

The AQ1000H/HD Movable Acoustic Baffle is the perfect answer to outdoor areas that need to solve sound problems such as fluttering echoes, lengthy reverberation times, and standing waves, to mention just a few.

More than its dual action sides that absorb and diffuse sound, it can be easily moved around to fit the specific sound needs of any open air or indoor venue. Portable and convenient, it’s perfect for use on churches, concerts, music halls, and rehearsal spaces!



Structure Properties:
A patented metal frame that is anti-sound reflection & resonance and anti-oxidation treated;
Side A – Performs excellently in absorbing sound in all frequency.
Side B – The MLS diffusing cloud is made by HIPS forming process.

Base Material:
Super micro glass fibre in different density. Green treatment without any formaldehyde emission.

1000H — Standard fixing system with wheels; Hidden rectangle fixed groove
1000HD — Standard holes for horizontal or vertical hanging

1) Acoustical fabric for sound absorption;
2) Diffusion side: PU Matte painting (please refer to colour chart for details)

Up to international E1 standard

Flame retardation:
Base material – Grade A

1000H — A semi-enveloped acoustic absorbing shell for portable stage
1000HD — A hanging acoustic absorbing shell



Halls, Muliti-functional rooms, Studio, Churches

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AQ-1000H, AQ-1000HD


LightGrey, DarkGrey, Purple