EQ30T / EQ60T Walleasear Sound Absorption Panel

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Quality sound absorption that traps echoes effectively.

Made from purely natural green fibre acoustic wool, this EQ Walleasear is also high-density enough to meet all your acoustic requirements. It provides amazing sound pressure that does a great job of absorbing broadband frequencies through its back cavity design.

Versatile features that make a difference.

It can serve either as a diffusing wall or as a low frequency trap. It controls main reflections and has a double bandwidth ratio of 1 (Absorption):1 (Diffusion). If you want a superb acoustic treatment that doubles for you, this product is the best choice. It’s the perfect choice for use in studios, hallways, and even classrooms!

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Base Material:
100% eco-friendly acoustic composite fibre wool

Sound reflection resistant design, anti-oxidization treatment; patented aluminium profile

Well performed acoustic cloth

Acoustic structure:
Three layers base material in different density are wrapped in the air tight frame, making it into an acoustic cavity for absorbing sound in broadband frequency

Zero Formaldehyde emission; E1 standard

Flame retardation:
Base material — Grade B

Standard anti-resonance fixing system


What is in the Box

EQ30T / EQ60T Acoustic Panel



Conference rooms, Studios, Entertaining rooms, Private cinemas, Restaurants.

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1800*600*30, 1200*600*30, 600*600*30, 1800*600*60, 1200*600*60, 600*600*60


XK268-4, XK268-6, XK268-10, XK268-12