EQ50M Absorption Panel (Roman Pillar)

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Fusing an artistic look with standout acoustic capabilities.

True to its name, the EQ50M’s design is reminiscent of a roman pillar. It expertly combines a perfect artsy look with quality acoustic properties. It effectively controls sound wave reflections and is made of high-density porous material that’s capable of absorbing reverb no matter how wide your space is.

Maximized sound absorption for different settings.

With its back cavity structure and diversified acoustic cloth, it maximizes the absorption of sound waves reflected. It boasts of an increased one octave frequency volume (83 Hz at the lowest) which can be easily expanded using accessories that can extend its function.

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Base Material:
100% eco-friendly acoustic composite fibre wool

Sound reflection resistant design, anti-oxidization treatment; patented aluminium profile

Well performed acoustic cloth

Acoustic structure:
Three layers base material in different density are wrapped in the air tight frame, making it into an acoustic cavity for absorbing sound in broadband frequency

Zero Formaldehyde emission; E1 standard

Flame retardation:
Base material — Grade B

Standard anti-resonance fixing system


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EQ50M Acoustic Panel


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1800*600*90 mm, 1200*600*90 mm


XK268-4, XK268-6, XK268-10, XK268-12