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4Q Pyramid Sound Diffusion Panel

Stylish conical diffuser that eliminates flutter echoes and standing waves
If you’re looking for an elegantly designed diffuser that can effectively get rid of standing waves and flutter echoes in your space, the Pyramid 4Q is a clear frontrunner. Its conical surface can reflect waves in different directions instead of just one while absorbing low frequencies through its built-in cavity.

With the Pyramid 4Q, you’ll get a space that has the perfect balance of sound energy as well as sense of space. This makes for a lively sounding acoustics that plays like music to your ears.

5Q Peak Sound Diffusor Panel

Powerful diffusion capabilities that lends unparalleled 3D surround sound
For a listening environment that retains a clear-sounding, live ambiance, the Peak 5Q is your best bet. It does the job of spreading the sound reflections in your room so the sounds in it come out with a more spacious feel.

The result? Less acoustical problems that completely removes flutter echoes as well as standing waves. For best results, combine it with our other sound products for the ultimate listening experience!

Acoustic Damping Sealing Glue, Special Accessory

Sealing glue that effectively prevents sound leakage.
This Acoustic Damping Sealing Glue and Special Gun has a formula that can be effectively used for sealing the joints of inorganic material boards as well as other materials. It doesn’t corrode organic and inorganic materials and has an excellent aging resistance. With an adhesive property that can be used for multiple base materials, it provides a steady and reliable performance that’s hard to find.
High-performance usage for whatever purpose.
Having a strong moisture resistance and high-low temperature adaptability in the range of -40℃ to 100℃, you can bet that it’s also steady and reliable to use. Make sure your soundproofing strategy is the best it can be by covering cracks and gaps with this damping sealing glue!

AQ1000H/HD Acoustic Baffle

Portable acoustic solution for controlling outdoor sound issues

The AQ1000H/HD Movable Acoustic Baffle is the perfect answer to outdoor areas that need to solve sound problems such as fluttering echoes, lengthy reverberation times, and standing waves, to mention just a few.

More than its dual action sides that absorb and diffuse sound, it can be easily moved around to fit the specific sound needs of any open air or indoor venue. Portable and convenient, it’s perfect for use on churches, concerts, music halls, and rehearsal spaces!

AQ1000M Smartfuser Sound Absorption & Diffusor Panel

Dual purpose capability for effective diffusion and absorption
The AQ1000M Smartfuser’s smartly combines both diffusing and absorption features to remove high frequencies, standing waves, and flutter echoes. This gives you better sound reflection in your space for a more enjoyable listening experience.

One other notable feature of the AQ100M is its accompanying six wooden slats that can be rotated to different angles to get rid of high frequencies in any direction. With 3 or more units of the AQ1000M Smartfuser, you’ll be able to improve the acoustic quality of your space! Use it on home theaters, small audio studios, as well as hi-fi listening rooms.

AQ1000S Removable Acoustc Baffle

Take the edge off the noise in your room with this dual purpose sound absorption and diffusion combo
The AQ1000S is a shoo-in for the best equipment when it comes to providing twofold sound solution—you’ll get not just a sound absorption feature but a diffusion capability as well. Its side A has three cavities that are especially designed to absorb a wide range of sound frequencies. Its side B, on the other hand, is made of a solid wood structure that diffuses sound impressively.

More than just these awesome features, its base is able to meet the anti-resonance standard for Hi-Fi rooms for better sound detail and clarity.

AQ1000V Smart Booth Recording Room

Acoustic recording booth that sets up anywhere—within minutes!
The AQ1000V Smartbooth is the ideal solution for times when you need to record anywhere. With panels that can be easily mounted and dismantled, you can set up this smartbooth within minutes. Its advanced, semi-enclosed design mimics the audio collection and production quality of professional recording studios so you get almost identical results to the real thing.

Alternatively, the AQ1000V can also serve as an effective absorbing board for broadband frequencies and can be used as an additional equipment in studios and indoor rooms to manage reverberation time and other acoustic elements that affect sound quality. For an efficient way to record anywhere, grab the AQ1000V Smartbooth now!

ARC 300 MLS 3D Diffusion & Absorption Panel

Have a stunningly balanced sound environment without the irritating slap echoes/
Effective diffusion is all about being able to spread sound reflections in a space for a wider, more open feel. The Arc 300 Diffuser does just that with its 180 degree curve diffusing surface that has specially designed thin vertical slots meant to absorb low broadband frequencies as well.

All of these qualities help keep the sound energy in your space at an even level so you can enjoy a stable listening experience. The Arc 300 is best used for studios, private entertainment rooms, function halls, and concert venues, among others.

ARC 300W MLS 3D Diffusion & Absorption Panel

High-performing bass traps that effectively damps low frequencies
Choose a bass trap that can meet your acoustical needs while combining durability and appeal in one. The Arc 300W Bass Trap is designed to fit into the corners of any space and comes in 6’ height. Its 90 degree curve diffusing surface has a uniquely designed cavity inside that absorbs low frequencies as well.

The Arc 300W’s cavity also does the work of scattering excess sound energy in the corners of your room for a more balanced listening environment. It’s ideal for use in hi-fi rooms, studios, entertainment rooms, live concerts and even for acoustic decoration purposes.

C350W/ C300W Corner Basstrap

Professional sound quality that’s smooth and clear.

With a high tensile inorganic coating, these corner bass traps are durable and effective. Made of superior polymer materials, it absorbs waves and echoes to give your space better sound acoustics.

Top-notch build that eliminates usual drawbacks.

Another great thing about it is that its decreased weight overcomes common drawbacks that come with standard corner bass traps. Using the wide open resonance box model, it effectively captures sound from 100 to 250 Hz, which removes usual issues caused by excessive low frequencies.

CLOUD 2C/ CLOUD 2C-LED Sound Diffusor Panel

Specially molded sound diffuser for reducing echoes and standing waves
The Cloud 2C is a uniquely designed sound diffuser that effectively scatters acoustic energy throughout a room. The waveforms in its surface redirects sound waves to remove dead and hot spots so you get an authentic live sound experience like no other.

Its high-impact durability and distinctive shape ensures that there are no flutter effects in your space.The Cloud 2C diffuser is ideal to use for both private and professional applications such as your listening room, home theater, rehearsal space, and for recording studios.

D30 Solid Wood Full Range Diffusor Panel

Top-notch diffusion effect for optimum sound without echoes
The D80 Fuseaser’s diffusion properties allows for a high-performing way to improve the sense of space in any given room. It then aptly prevents standing waves and echoes to transform the sound in your space into something fuller and more articulate.

With the D30S’ solid capabilities, you can no doubt turn almost any space into something that’s professional sounding—whether for recording, improving sound accuracy, or to just enhance your listening experience. Choose the D30S Quadrifuser now for a bright, full sound that boosts your listening experience!

D60 Solid Wood Full Range Diffusor Panel

Triple power for a spacious-sounding ambiance
The D60 Trifuser has triple the power when it comes to transforming your listening environment’s into one that’s spacious sounding. Made from solid wood, it has grooved widths and depths that uniformly diffuses sound reflections. The result makes any space sound more pleasant by improving high frequencies and making conversations sound more natural.

Use the D60 Trifuser on recording rooms, private entertainment rooms, music halls, recording studios, and listening rooms, to mention just a few!