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D30 Solid Wood Full Range Diffusor Panel

Top-notch diffusion effect for optimum sound without echoes
The D80 Fuseaser’s diffusion properties allows for a high-performing way to improve the sense of space in any given room. It then aptly prevents standing waves and echoes to transform the sound in your space into something fuller and more articulate.

With the D30S’ solid capabilities, you can no doubt turn almost any space into something that’s professional sounding—whether for recording, improving sound accuracy, or to just enhance your listening experience. Choose the D30S Quadrifuser now for a bright, full sound that boosts your listening experience!

D60 Solid Wood Full Range Diffusor Panel

Triple power for a spacious-sounding ambiance
The D60 Trifuser has triple the power when it comes to transforming your listening environment’s into one that’s spacious sounding. Made from solid wood, it has grooved widths and depths that uniformly diffuses sound reflections. The result makes any space sound more pleasant by improving high frequencies and making conversations sound more natural.

Use the D60 Trifuser on recording rooms, private entertainment rooms, music halls, recording studios, and listening rooms, to mention just a few!

D60W Solid Wood Basstrap

The foremost solution to getting rid of corner standing waves
The D60W Trapfuser keenly combines diffusion with expert low frequency absorption for unparalleled sound clarity like no other. Now you can eliminate sound confusion by cleaning up excess echoes and waves in any corner of your space. Moreover, the D60W is also capable of improving sound energy to give your space a better constructed room acoustics fit for a wide range of listening experience.

D64 Solid Wood High Frequency Diffufor Panel

Get a spacious-sounding feel that mimics large halls and spaces
The D64 Chessfuser has powerful chops that lets you transform the sound of your room to resemble large halls and spaces. It’s made from solid wood and has a grooved width and depth that deflect sound reflections uniformly. This not only enables high frequencies to sound better but also improves conversations since it makes voices sound more natural and pleasant.

It’s best for use on recording rooms, private theaters, and other forms of entertainment rooms. For an all-around product that solves your sound issues, the D64 Chessfuser is an awesome choice!

D80 Solid Wood Diffusor Panel

Top-quality diffusion that solves sound dryness in your space
Get rid of sound dryness in small spaces while keeping its reverberation time steady. The D80 Fuseaser is the perfect item to get when you need a product that enhances sound fullness for a clear, articulate listening experience. The end results is a space that has a well balanced sense of sound no matter for what purpose!

D80W Solid Wood Basstrap

The only notable solution to your room’s corner standing waves
The D80W Trapfuser expertly combines solid diffusion capabilities with effective low frequency absorption. Now you never have to contend with sound confusion that’s commonly found in the corners of many rooms. Best of all, it can subtly enhance the sound energy in your space by at least 3dB which makes for a more useful and appropriate room acoustics. For a sound solution that will match up to your expectations, choose the D80W!

N29 Solid Wood Full Range Diffusor Panel

Effective diffusion that evens out the acoustics in your room
The N29 Fuseaser is solidly made for the purpose of fulfilling any needed technical requirements in your room. Its special design targets low broadband frequencies to improve the sense of space and sound fullness in any given space. The result is an area that has a solid sound depth so it’s easier to hear things more clearly and with better detail.

N8 Solid Wood High Frequency Diffusor Panel

Solid wood diffuser that enlivens your space by spreading sound reflections
For areas where it’s important to maintain an open, full sound—the N8 Octofuser is your best bet. It improves the feeling of spaciousness in your room in a room and eliminates acoustical problems so you get a more accurate sound without any accompanying flutter echoes.

With its wide-ranging diffusing properties, it can be conveniently used for recording studios, Hi-Fi listening rooms, music halls, opera houses, and private theaters, to name just a few.