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4Q Pyramid Sound Diffusion Panel

Stylish conical diffuser that eliminates flutter echoes and standing waves
If you’re looking for an elegantly designed diffuser that can effectively get rid of standing waves and flutter echoes in your space, the Pyramid 4Q is a clear frontrunner. Its conical surface can reflect waves in different directions instead of just one while absorbing low frequencies through its built-in cavity.

With the Pyramid 4Q, you’ll get a space that has the perfect balance of sound energy as well as sense of space. This makes for a lively sounding acoustics that plays like music to your ears.

5Q Peak Sound Diffusor Panel

Powerful diffusion capabilities that lends unparalleled 3D surround sound
For a listening environment that retains a clear-sounding, live ambiance, the Peak 5Q is your best bet. It does the job of spreading the sound reflections in your room so the sounds in it come out with a more spacious feel.

The result? Less acoustical problems that completely removes flutter echoes as well as standing waves. For best results, combine it with our other sound products for the ultimate listening experience!

ARC 300 MLS 3D Diffusion & Absorption Panel

Have a stunningly balanced sound environment without the irritating slap echoes/
Effective diffusion is all about being able to spread sound reflections in a space for a wider, more open feel. The Arc 300 Diffuser does just that with its 180 degree curve diffusing surface that has specially designed thin vertical slots meant to absorb low broadband frequencies as well.

All of these qualities help keep the sound energy in your space at an even level so you can enjoy a stable listening experience. The Arc 300 is best used for studios, private entertainment rooms, function halls, and concert venues, among others.

ARC 300W MLS 3D Diffusion & Absorption Panel

High-performing bass traps that effectively damps low frequencies
Choose a bass trap that can meet your acoustical needs while combining durability and appeal in one. The Arc 300W Bass Trap is designed to fit into the corners of any space and comes in 6’ height. Its 90 degree curve diffusing surface has a uniquely designed cavity inside that absorbs low frequencies as well.

The Arc 300W’s cavity also does the work of scattering excess sound energy in the corners of your room for a more balanced listening environment. It’s ideal for use in hi-fi rooms, studios, entertainment rooms, live concerts and even for acoustic decoration purposes.

CLOUD 2C/ CLOUD 2C-LED Sound Diffusor Panel

Specially molded sound diffuser for reducing echoes and standing waves
The Cloud 2C is a uniquely designed sound diffuser that effectively scatters acoustic energy throughout a room. The waveforms in its surface redirects sound waves to remove dead and hot spots so you get an authentic live sound experience like no other.

Its high-impact durability and distinctive shape ensures that there are no flutter effects in your space.The Cloud 2C diffuser is ideal to use for both private and professional applications such as your listening room, home theater, rehearsal space, and for recording studios.

PEAK 2000D/D&A 3D Diffusion & Absorption Panel

Uniquely curved diffusing surface for a well balanced acoustic environment
For spaces that require a spacious, live ambiance, the Peak 2000D&A/D is the perfect choice. It’s specially designed curved surface can be superimposed onto three octaves and has cleverly placed slots for absorbing broadband frequencies. This helps you retain the sound energy in any given room for an even-sounding acoustic space that’s fit for concert venues, studios, hi-fi rooms, and other professional areas.

WAVE 600 3D Diffusion & Absorption Panel

Scatters reflected sounds for a well-balanced acoustic space
The Wave 600 Diffuser is an ideal solution for diffusing sound waves while absorbing low broadband frequencies. It balances the sound in your space in addition to controlling any excess sound energy and flutter echoes in a room. The result? A live, bright sound that’s appropriate for home theaters, listening rooms, recording studios, as well as performance spaces.