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C350W/ C300W Corner Basstrap

Professional sound quality that’s smooth and clear.

With a high tensile inorganic coating, these corner bass traps are durable and effective. Made of superior polymer materials, it absorbs waves and echoes to give your space better sound acoustics.

Top-notch build that eliminates usual drawbacks.

Another great thing about it is that its decreased weight overcomes common drawbacks that come with standard corner bass traps. Using the wide open resonance box model, it effectively captures sound from 100 to 250 Hz, which removes usual issues caused by excessive low frequencies.

F300W Low Frequency Absorber

Sound absorbing acoustic foam that’s ideal for home recording.

The F300H Low Frequency Absorber is a high-density polyether polyol acoustic foam that improves sound like no other. Its coordinated back cavity structure does a great job of absorbing low frequency waves to ensure that your room contains sound better.

Improve your acoustic environment the right way.

With a QRD array that captures low-frequency absorption, you get a balanced acoustic environment when paired with other acoustic improvement items. If you’re aiming for a balanced acoustic environment that’s excellent for home recording of any types, this product is for you!

R350W/ R300W Cylinder Basstrap

Controls room acoustics for expert results.

This cylinder bass trap is one of a kind with its combination of high tensile inorganic coating and polymer material. It dampens sound effectively in order to increase sound clarity and quality.

Easy installation for whatever purpose.

Its reduced weight also gets rid of common drawbacks and makes for an easy installation in any space. With its wide open resonance box model, it can capture sound from 100 to 250 Hz so you can say goodbye to any issues brought on by extreme low frequencies.