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Living Room Acoustic Treatment – Cloud

Quality combination of sound absorption and diffusion to meet all your acoustic requirements.

The Living Room Cloud aptly combines our EQ50B Walleasear and the Cloud 2C Cloud Diffuser for a powerful blend of different sound technologies. Our walleasear has a high-density property that provides superb sound pressure to effectively absorb broadband frequencies while the high-impact hardness and unique shape of the Cloud 2C diffuses sound evenly in any space to limit echo and flutter effects.

Living Room Acoustic Treatment – DQ

Twofold frequency absorption and effective diffusion for a superior sound experience

Creating better sounding rooms is much simpler than you think with the Living Room DQ package. It combines a high and medium frequency absorber along with a full band frequency diffuser to provide a comprehensive solution to common sound problems. With the Living Room DQ, you can now transform your space to have a balanced reflection with a full, rich sound for improved entertainment purposes.

Living room Acoustic Treatment – QRD

Top-notch diffusion performance and sound absorption combined in one

The Living Room QRD package is made up of the D80 Fuseaser and EQ60T Walleasear. The effective combination of these two products diffuses sound powerfully to solve sound dryness in small rooms while at the same time absorbing broadband frequency sounds in the process. The result? A much improved sound fullness with a steady reverberation time that also improves frequency absorption.