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Home Theatre Acoustic Treatment – ARC 1

True home theatre quality sound that involves much improved sound diffusion and absorption.

The Home Theatre ARC 1 is a lavish line up consisting of our ARC 300 Diffuser, ARC 300W Bass Trap, and EQ50B Walleasear. This customized selection is sure to deliver the full potential of your home theater’s audio system. Get this now and see your home theatre audio produce stunningly rich sound.

Home Theatre Acoustic Treatment – ARC 2

Fusing sophisticated design with top-notch quality for an optimum sounding home theatre.

The Home Theatre ARC 2 sports a sophisticated design that can fit even the most lavish decor. It includes the WAVE 600 Diffuser and EQ50B Walleasear for sound absorption and diffusing purposes. This phenomenal selection of our top-performing products will surely level up your home theatre’s audio quality like no other.

Home Theatre Acoustic Treatment – Cloud

Superb sound treatment for a top-notch audio experience.

The Home Theatre Cloud package brilliantly combines the Cloud 2C Cloud Diffuser and and EQ50B Walleasear for a special sound treatment that optimizes the audio quality of your room. This room solution is carefully designed to allow for a clear listening of your audio content. What you get is the best sounding audio delivery from high-performing, well-chosen sound equipment.

Home Theatre Acoustic Treatment – DQ

Comprehensive frequency absorption to achieve a more balanced sound reflection.

The Home Theatre DQ has the complete line for absorbing low, medium, and high frequencies. This intelligently chosen selection of sound absorption products ensures the sound reflection in your room is right for your space and budget. Get this package for a dedicated home theatre that will provide you maximum sound enjoyment.

Home Theatre Acoustic Treatment – IMG

The right add-on for a well-designed and fantastically sounding home.

Sound equipment doesn’t have to look dull or boring. With our Home Theatre Imagine panels, you can spruce up your home theater space to sound and look good. The Imagine panel is made up of aesthetically pleasing acoustic materials that can easily match the appeal of your home theater’s décor without compromising sound quality.

Home Theatre Acoustic Treatment – QRD 2

Superbly designed sound absorption and diffusion qualities for performance like no other.

The Home Theatre QRD 2 has an understated, elegant look that is sure to serve your home theatre with exquisite sound quality. Included in this line is the N8 Octofuser and EQ60T Walleasear which helps achieve an effortlessly articulate sound that levels up your home cinematic experience.

Home Theatre Acoustic Treatment – QRD I

Diffusion and sound absorption combination that’s off the charts.

Since sound makes half of an amazing home movie experience, we’ve made the Home Theatre QRD to be your go-to solution when it comes to achieving powerful sound quality for your home theatre room. It’s made up of the D80 Fuseaser, D80W Trap Fuser, and the EQ120T/60T Walleasear which all uses top-grade components for long-time, excellent use.

Home Theatre Acoustic Treatment – WAVE 1

Life-like, dynamic sound for an amazing home theatre experience.

The Home Theatre WAVE 1 is not just about form but great performing function as well. This home theater solution consists of the WAVE 600 Diffuser, ARC 300W, and EQ50Q Walleasear which all deftly combines amazing sound absorption and diffusing properties. Its key features make this selection a world-class audio gear for a great sounding home theatre.

Home Theatre Acoustic Treatment – WAVE 2

The wave diffuser for pure home theatre audio brilliance.

The Home Theatre WAVE 2 is for those who demand high-level audio performance for a fantastic sounding space. Aside from its optimum output, its solid reliability is another key attribute of this home theater solution. The Home Theater WAVE 2 is made up of the PEAK2000D&A Wave Diffuser which has curves specifically designed for diffusing sound while its inner cavities absorb low broadband frequencies.