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Hi-Fi Room Acoustic Treatment – AQ1000S

Solid sound absorption and diffusion capabilities in one.

The Hi-Fi AQ1000S packs a two-punch power with its astounding sound absorption and diffusion features. Its side A has three specially designed cavities that absorb a wide range of sound frequencies while its side B sports a sturdy wood structure for effectively diffusing sound. Capping off these two amazing qualities is its base which meets the anti-resonance standard for Hi-Fi rooms.

Hi-Fi Room Acoustic Treatment – Cloud

Level up your listening experience with this comprehensive sound solution for your room.

With an aim of giving you amazing quality for your listening requirements, we’ve created the best possible combination of equipment that deftly integrates cloud and peak diffusers as well as a high-performing walleasear. Hear the difference in how you experience sound in your room with this Hi-Fi Cloud solution.

Hi-Fi Room Acoustic Treatment – DQ

All-encompassing frequency absorption with full band frequency diffusion.

If you need a complete line of products that is capable of full band frequency diffusion and absorbs low, medium, as well high frequencies in any room, the Hi-Fi DQ is your best bet. Don’t leave any kind of noise problem to chance and get the Hi-Fi DQ line if your aim is to improve frequency performance in your space.

Hi-Fi Room Acoustic Treatment – Imagine

Stylish panels and high-performing bass traps that effectively manage ambient noise and low frequencies.

The Hi-Fi Imagine room package includes our stunning Imagine acoustic panels with our cylinder and corner bass traps for a functional and appealing way to elevate your room’s sound. The Imagine acoustic panels are great add-ons to our other sound absorption products and walleasears while our corner and cylinder bass traps expertly absorb waves and echoes to give your space superior sound acoustics.

Hi-Fi Room Acoustic Treatment – QRD D80

Control excessive noise and lessen unwelcome echoes and reverberations.

The Hi-Fi QRD-D80 combines top-of-the-line products that deliver amazing sound whether for recording purposes or from your entertainment system. Included in the package is the D80 Fuseasear, D80W Trapfuser, and EQ60T Walleasear. Each of the product in this room solution is designed to address every possible sound issue in your space so your listening experience is elevated like no other.

Hi-Fi Room Acoustic Treatment – QRD-N29

Complete room solution for better sound tuning and calibration.

If you want a quality listening experience, the Hi-Fi QRD-N29 is one of our best combination of diffusion and sound absorption equipment. With this package, you don’t need to think what products to get and you can just enjoy the enhanced sound in your room. The Hi-Fi QRD-N29 includes the N29 Fuseaser, D80W Trapfuser, and the EQ60T Walleasear to cover all the sound absorption and diffusion requirements in your space.