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ARC 300W MLS 3D Diffusion & Absorption Panel

High-performing bass traps that effectively damps low frequencies
Choose a bass trap that can meet your acoustical needs while combining durability and appeal in one. The Arc 300W Bass Trap is designed to fit into the corners of any space and comes in 6’ height. Its 90 degree curve diffusing surface has a uniquely designed cavity inside that absorbs low frequencies as well.

The Arc 300W’s cavity also does the work of scattering excess sound energy in the corners of your room for a more balanced listening environment. It’s ideal for use in hi-fi rooms, studios, entertainment rooms, live concerts and even for acoustic decoration purposes.

C350W/ C300W Corner Basstrap

Professional sound quality that’s smooth and clear.

With a high tensile inorganic coating, these corner bass traps are durable and effective. Made of superior polymer materials, it absorbs waves and echoes to give your space better sound acoustics.

Top-notch build that eliminates usual drawbacks.

Another great thing about it is that its decreased weight overcomes common drawbacks that come with standard corner bass traps. Using the wide open resonance box model, it effectively captures sound from 100 to 250 Hz, which removes usual issues caused by excessive low frequencies.

D60W Solid Wood Basstrap

The foremost solution to getting rid of corner standing waves
The D60W Trapfuser keenly combines diffusion with expert low frequency absorption for unparalleled sound clarity like no other. Now you can eliminate sound confusion by cleaning up excess echoes and waves in any corner of your space. Moreover, the D60W is also capable of improving sound energy to give your space a better constructed room acoustics fit for a wide range of listening experience.

D80W Solid Wood Basstrap

The only notable solution to your room’s corner standing waves
The D80W Trapfuser expertly combines solid diffusion capabilities with effective low frequency absorption. Now you never have to contend with sound confusion that’s commonly found in the corners of many rooms. Best of all, it can subtly enhance the sound energy in your space by at least 3dB which makes for a more useful and appropriate room acoustics. For a sound solution that will match up to your expectations, choose the D80W!

R350W/ R300W Cylinder Basstrap

Controls room acoustics for expert results.

This cylinder bass trap is one of a kind with its combination of high tensile inorganic coating and polymer material. It dampens sound effectively in order to increase sound clarity and quality.

Easy installation for whatever purpose.

Its reduced weight also gets rid of common drawbacks and makes for an easy installation in any space. With its wide open resonance box model, it can capture sound from 100 to 250 Hz so you can say goodbye to any issues brought on by extreme low frequencies.