Constance came into this world with the twelve th June 1161 within the Brittany and you can try partnered so you can (1) Geoffrey Plantagenet inside 1181

Geoffrey try slain for the a cycling crash inside 1186 and you will Constance married (2) Ranulph de- Blundeville, 4 th Earl off Chester, into 3 rd March 1188, from inside the a wedding setup by the Queen Henry 11. That it relationship deteriorated and you can Ranulph imprisoned Constance during the 1196. Rebellions was started across the Brittany on her and you may Ranulph create their unique inside 1198. Back in Brittany, Constance got their matrimony annulled and soon after in the 1198, she took Guy de Trips while the their own ‘second’ partner.

Constance died old forty, (maybe away from leprosy, perhaps after giving birth so you’re able to twin girls) on the 5 th Sep 1201 during the Nantes

Although this wasn’t a consanguineous dating however, among attraction, people very first-studies matchmaking might have made matrimony anywhere between Constance and any one of John’s brothers impossible as opposed to an excellent dispensation –– and therefore considering the party’s rating could have had to come from the brand new pope themselves

The concept one to Constance got an event which have John pursuing the death of Geoffrey and just before John’s matrimony in order to Isabella from Gloucester in 1189, and this she is actually mother so you can Joanna is extremely controversial and you can enjoys provoked much conversation within this genealogical sectors.

One to feedback away from a good genealogist claims that ‘the brand new diary ‘New Plantagenet Connection’ features blogged a keen ahnentafel out of E Plantagenet, wife regarding Henry V11, gives Joanna’s mother’s label because the Constance (maybe misnamed Clemence?), Duchess regarding Brittany. This is the Constance who was John’s brother-in-rules! As a result of the better-understood animosity anywhere between John and Constance and her very own attempts to drive their unique young man Arthur’s passion in terms of the fresh throne off The united kingdomt was concerned (therefore we all the understand how disastrously you to definitely proved!), I truly find the recommended relationships a tiny tough to take. New Constance you to background illustrates does not struck me personally since to your just who John can potentially coerce on the bed.’

‘ A theory who pick Joanna’s mother as the Constance does not take into account an incredibly crucial reason for canon legislation. Who indicate that specific shadow of your own matter need to seriously have come down to you, if this inside it the newest ask for it, the fresh new deliberations, or perhaps the real dispensation in itself. In so far as i in the morning aware, absolutely nothing of the type is obtainable.’

From the simply having sex having John, not to mention results your an infant, Constance would have created an initial-degree matchmaking regarding affinity with all John’s siblings –– including John’s sister Geoffrey

My personal advice for just what it’s value, would be the fact got Constance started the caretaker off Joanna she would seriously enjoys brought their unique upwards in her own family and her identity would be also labeled as Constance’s almost every other college students by the Geoffrey (Eleanor, Fair Maid away from Brittany, Matilda/Maud away from Brittany and you may Arthur).

Agatha was given birth to about 1168 inside Chartley Castle, Staffordshire. It is well known one to she try a domme off John and some members of the family woods promote their, in the event unmarried, just like the mom out of Joanna. Most genealogists however are convinced that it is just conjecture that the woman is Joanna’s mom given that no proof or suggestions are present to show it.

One source frequently considering was Sir William Dugdale, in the Baronage out of England (1675-6). He says their provider as Dr David Howell’s ‘Reputation for Wales’ (1584). Powell’s efforts are an expanded edition away from H Lloyd’s interpretation out-of ‘The Historie from Cambria’ because of the several th century Saint Caradoc out-of Llancarfan. A special supply, ‘Magna Carta Barons’ because of the Charles Browning, copyright 1969 together with labels Agatha de Ferrers, daughter out of Robert de Ferrers, last Earl regarding derby, since the Joanna’s mom.

Even if she can not be completely dismissed just like the a candidate getting mommy regarding Joanna, certainly there is certain trace out of their own within the a beneficial chronicle or any other historical source, if the she had in reality come the caretaker of one’s wife off the new Prince out-of North Wales.