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You’re not only getting scientifically tested acoustic panels, they also look great at the same time. Why compromise looks for functionality, when you can get both?


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The breakthrough in product design & process means you pay less for the same results.

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Living Room Acoustic Treatment – IMG

$ 318.00

Control ambient noise while adding style to your living room.

Our high resolution painting acoustic panels are the perfect way to beautify your home! These stunning panels can serve as an add-on to our walleasers or other sound absorption items. Its maximum size is 2500 by 1500 and has an excellent air permeability quality that does not affect acoustic function.

Home Theatre Acoustic Treatment – ARC 1

$ 4,977.00

True home theatre quality sound that involves much improved sound diffusion and absorption.

The Home Theatre ARC 1 is a lavish line up consisting of our ARC 300 Diffuser, ARC 300W Bass Trap, and EQ50B Walleasear. This customized selection is sure to deliver the full potential of your home theater’s audio system. Get this now and see your home theatre audio produce stunningly rich sound.

Living Room Acoustic Treatment – Cloud

$ 925.00

Quality combination of sound absorption and diffusion to meet all your acoustic requirements.

The Living Room Cloud aptly combines our EQ50B Walleasear and the Cloud 2C Cloud Diffuser for a powerful blend of different sound technologies. Our walleasear has a high-density property that provides superb sound pressure to effectively absorb broadband frequencies while the high-impact hardness and unique shape of the Cloud 2C diffuses sound evenly in any space to limit echo and flutter effects.

Hi-Fi Room Acoustic Treatment – AQ1000S

$ 5,545.00

Solid sound absorption and diffusion capabilities in one.

The Hi-Fi AQ1000S packs a two-punch power with its astounding sound absorption and diffusion features. Its side A has three specially designed cavities that absorb a wide range of sound frequencies while its side B sports a sturdy wood structure for effectively diffusing sound. Capping off these two amazing qualities is its base which meets the anti-resonance standard for Hi-Fi rooms.